555 Challenge

Welcome to the Five Fifty-Five Challenge!

In an effort to offer reliable and consistent help to our persecuted families we would like to have 1000 people to support each project at $55/year for five years. This means 1000 people to support the projects in Nepal and 1000 people to support the projects elsewhere in Asia.  Of course, we will not argue if you feel compelled to support both projects with a donation of just $110/year.

If you choose to accept the challenge we would love to hear the creative ways you choose to do it.

We think this could be a great family project and an opportunity to teach children to live for others by encouraging them to participate through bake sales, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, lemonade stands, etc. Likewise, individuals that participate may also devise fun, creative ways to achieve the $55 donation. We would love to hear about!

Donations would preferably be received at the beginning of the year for planning purposes, but may be made anytime during the year. We will try to send out three reminders/updates throughout the year roughly around Feb/Mar, June/July and Nov/Dec.

Please sign up here for the 555 Challenge. You will shortly receive a follow-up email. Thank you!

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